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History of the ANAO

When the first Commonwealth Parliament assembled in Melbourne in May 1901, its immediate task was to begin building the necessary institutions of national government. The fourth Act passed by this Parliament was the Audit Act 1901, which created the office of the Auditor-General.

The Auditor-General Act 1997 (which replaced the Audit Act) was enacted in October 1997 and marked a new era for the ANAO. The Office's audit independence and mandate were strengthened and the Auditor-General became an ‘Officer of the Parliament'.

In 2001 the ANAO celebrated 100 years as a Commonwealth institution. To commemorate this milestone the ANAO commissioned a documented history, which was published as From Accounting to Accountability: A Centenary History of the Australian National Audit Office. In 2011 the ANAO celebrated 110 years as a Commonwealth institution.

Commonwealth Auditors-General from Israel to Hehir

John William Israel 1902-1926
Charles John Cerutty 1926-1935
Herbert Charles Brown 1935-1938
Ralph Abercrombie 1938-1946
Albert Charles Joyce 1946-1951
James Brophy 1951-1955
Harold Clive Newman 1955-1961
Victor John William Skermer 1961-1973
Duncan Robert Steele Craik 1973-1981
Keith Frederick Brigden 1981-1985
John Vincent Monaghan 1985-1987
John Casey Taylor 1988-1995
Patrick Joseph Barrett 1995-2005
Ian McPhee 2005-2015
Grant Hehir

Also known as...

1902 Federal Audit Office
1911 Auditor-General's Department
Late 1950s Commonwealth Audit Office
1984 Australian Audit Office
1990 Australian National Audit Office