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Image of the ANAO building entrance

With a client base as diverse as the 250 plus Commonwealth government departments, agencies, statutory authorities and government companies, our people experience variety, challenge and real opportunities for personal and professional development. And because we are responsible, through the actions of our people, for both adding value to public sector effectiveness and the independent assurance of public sector administration and accountability, each of us is able to apply our professional and technical leadership and have a real impact on real issues.

But most importantly, we respect not only the experience and abilities of our people, but their personal capability in applying these skills day-to-day, and project-to-project.

Through performance evaluations and financial audits, we provide these career-engaging experiences for business analysts, IT professionals and finance and accounting professionals. Like all professional organisations, we also employ HR, business administration and other professionals in corporate support roles.

Take a few moments to look at what our people do and how they do it. You'll be surprised at the interesting and rewarding experiences that working with us can provide.