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Upgrade of the M113 Fleet of Armoured Vehicles

Tabled Date:
Thursday 24th May 2012
Report Number:
Department of Defence, Defence Materiel Organisation

The objective of the audit was to assess the progress of the M113 Upgrade Project (Defence Project: Land 106), including progress in the development of operational capability resulting from the introduction of the upgraded vehicles into service. The high-level audit criteria used to assess the project’s progress and Defence’s effectiveness in administering the M113 Upgrade Project were:

  • the degree to which the schedule for the production and delivery of upgraded M113 vehicles to Defence had been recovered in accordance with Defence’s response to the 2008–09 audit report and contractual requirements, as negotiated over the life of the contract;
  • Defence’s measurement and allocation of the total cost of the upgrade project; and
  • the development of capability arising from the upgrade project.

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