The Auditor-General Annual Report 2010-2011

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Name Title of address Forum Place/date
McPhee, Ian
Risk is all around Risk Management Institution of Australasia—ACT Chapter Conference Canberra
24 September 2010
A year in the life of the Auditor-General NSW Chapter Institute of Internal Auditors Australia Canberra
7 December 2010
Effective risk management Department of Parliamentary Services Canberra
17 February 2011
Public sector accountability CPA Australia International Public Sector Convention Melbourne
11 March 2011
Aligning institutional capacity and the performance of supreme audit institutions Conference of Commonwealth Auditors-General Windhoek
12 April
Chapman, Steve (Deputy Auditor-General) Auditing funded projects and grants Institute of Internal Auditors Public Sector Conference Canberra
22 July 2010
Fallout from the global financial crisis and lessons arising Global Working Group Kerala
22 March 2011
Cahill, Matt Evolving models of government and accountability Criterion Conference Canberra
24 February 2011
Less than alert on public administration Institute of Chartered Accountants Canberra
4 March 2011
Effective cross-agency agreements National Collaboration Framework Information Seminar Canberra
15 April 2011
Cahill, Matt and Cass, Barbara Lessons from recent performance audit reports Parliament House staff Canberra
20 May 2011
Frost, Mitchell ANAO clients seminars in financial reporting Financial accounting staff of public sector entities Canberra
18–23 March 2011
Jones, John and Rowe, Nicola Financial benefit of audit work Fifteenth Tokyo International Meeting of Audit Tokyo
7–8 December 2010
Kerr, Peter Completion and review, and the auditors reporting obligations Australian National University Year Two Masters Students Canberra
6 May 2011
Lack, Steven Fraud control in Australian Government entities Commonwealth Fraud Prevention Senior Executive Service Seminar Canberra
13 April 2011
Fraud control Senior Executive Service Fraud Control Seminar Canberra
13 April 2011
Turnbull, Stuart Performance auditing in the Australian National Audit Office Procurement Discussion Forum Canberra
22 September 2010
Presentation on Audit Report No.11 201011, Direct Source Procurement Procurement Discussion Forum Canberra
24 November 2010
Presentation on Audit Report No.11 201011, Direct Source Procurement Senior Procurement Officials Reference Group Canberra
30 November 2010
White, Peter Planning and approving projectsbetter practice guides Senior Executive Service Centrelink Governance Forum Canberra
5 July 2010
White, Peter and Cahill, Matt Key lessons from recent performance audit reports Forum of Audit Committee Chairs Canberra
2 December 2010
Williamson, Nathan An auditors perspective of service delivery issues in the human services portfolio Social Policy Implementation and Service Delivery course, Crawford School of Economics and Government, Australian National University Canberra
23 July 2010