The ANAO is organised into three service groups and the Corporate Management Branch:

  • Assurance Audit Services Group (AASG) provides independent assurance on the financial statements and financial administration of all Australian Government entities. It also conducts assurance reviews.
  • Performance Audit Services Group (PASG) contributes to improved public sector administration and accountability by conducting performance audits of Australian Government entities and producing related publications.
  • Professional Services and Relationships Group (PSRG) provides technical support—including quality assurance and the provision of information to auditees through newsletters and technical seminars—to the service groups and the Auditor‑General.
  • Corporate Management Branch (CMB) provides administrative support, including the coordination of corporate governance activities, human resources, finance, external relations, IT and building services.

The ANAO is located in Canberra, Australia.

Executive Board of Management and Audit Committee

A key element of the ANAO's corporate governance structure is the Executive Board of Management. The Board was established to provide leadership to the ANAO in pursuing its strategic direction and delivering against the commitments and initiatives outlined in its annual business plans.

The Audit Committee reviews the appropriateness of the ANAO’s financial reporting, performance reporting, risk management and system of internal control. All members are appropriately qualified and are independent of ANAO management and staff.

Corporate structure



Mr Grant Hehir


Deputy Auditor-General

Ms Rona Mellor


Assurance Audit Services Group

Group Executive Director
Ms Jocelyn Ashford (Acting)

Senior Executive Directors:

Senior Executive Director (Quality and Methods): Ms Serena Buchanan (Acting)

Senior Executive Director (Resourcing and Budgeting): Ms Carla Jago

Central Agencies and Economic Policy Group:

Executive Director: Mr Kristian Gage

Executive Director: Ms Clea Lewis

Defence, Foreign Policy and Infrastructure Group:

Executive Director: Ms Jodi George (Acting)

Executive Director: Ms Lesa Craswell (Acting)

Social Policy Group:

Executive Director: Mr Muhammad Qureshi (Acting)

Executive Director: Mr Peter Kerr

Executive Director: Ms Rebecca Reilly

IT Audit Branch:

Executive Director: Ms Elenore Karpfen (Acting)

Assurance Audits and Performance Statements:

Executive Director: Mr Michael White

Performance Audit Services Group

Group Executive Director
Ms Michelle Kelly

Central Agencies Group:

Executive Director: Mr Andrew Morris (Central Agencies Branch)

Executive Director: Mr Mark Simpson (Environment and Resources Branch)

Social Policy Group:

Executive Director: Ms Deborah Jackson (Indigenous, Education and Employment Branch)

Executive Director: Mr Andrew Rodrigues (Acting) (Social Services & Health Branch)

National Security and Infrastructure Group:

Executive Director: Ms Sally Ramsay (Acting) (Industry and Infrastructure Branch)

Executive Director: Mr Paul Bryant (National Security Branch)


Group Executive Director
Dr Tom Ioannou

Defence and Major Projects Report:

Executive Director: Ms Michelle Page (Acting) (Defence Major Projects)

Executive Director: Mr David Brunoro (Defence)


Group Executive Director
Dr Andrew Pope
Senior Advisor, Audit Board of Indonesia


Professional Services and Relationships Group

Group Executive Director
Ms Jane Meade

Executive Director: Ms Peta Martyn

Corporate Management Branch

Senior Executive Director: Ms Deborah Rollings