Annual procurement plan

All planned procurements are subject to revision or cancellation. The information in this Annual Procurement Plan, which you can view on AusTender, is provided for planning purposes only and it does not represent a solicitation or constitute a request for proposal, nor is it a commitment by the Government to purchase the described property or services.

Statement of legal service expenditure

A copy of the statement of legal services expenditure by the Australian National Audit Office for the financial year 2015–16 is available to download at related documents on this page.

Senate Order on Entity Contracts

On 20 June 2001, the Senate agreed to an Order requiring each Minister to table a letter advising that a list of contracts in respect of each entity administered by that Minister has been placed on the Internet with access to the list through the entity home page.

An amendment to the Order on 14 May 2015 requires all procurement contracts be listed in a report on the AusTender website, with non-procurement contracts to be listed on entity websites.

The ANAO's Senate Order listing on procurement contracts is published on AusTender and can be accessed through the Senate Order link located on the AusTender homepage.

Estimated Cost of complying with this order

The estimated cost of complying with this order, based on charge out rates for each level of officer involved in the process, is $1070.