I came to the ANAO in September 2011, after working for ten years in some major private accounting firms in Australia and internationally. The ANAO was recommended to me as a great place for professional learning and development opportunities—and I have found this to be true, as I was able to complete my Chartered Accountant qualification here with the support of my colleagues and the great work-life balance the ANAO offers.

As part of my personal interest in getting to know the technical detail of auditing and accounting standards, I accepted a position in the auditing technical section of PSRG in 2014. It’s been a great experience being part of a team that has such in-depth knowledge of the Commonwealth legislation and financial reporting framework. I really enjoy the diversity of PSRG’s tasks and projects. Highlights for me include providing technical advice and methodological support to other service groups, assisting them in selecting the most efficient and effective audit strategies, as well as conducting reviews of audits under the ANAO Quality Assurance Framework.

PSRG has been a welcoming and supportive work area. There are many learning opportunities within the group, and I have great mentors who are always willing to share knowledge. Continued learning and development is well supported here—there are a range of internal and external courses offered to improve technical and professional development and a series of internal technical updates to increase our knowledge of auditing standards.  There’s also plenty of support given to staff in obtaining and maintaining professional qualifications and undertaking further tertiary studies.