I joined the ANAO Graduate Program in 2011. After finishing my degree at ANU (Bachelor of Arts (International Relations) Hons) in 2009, I worked as a research officer in the Senate Education, Employment and Workplace Relations committee at Parliament House. I knew I wanted to work on extended research projects and further develop my quantitative and qualitative analysis skills, and I was keen to build a broad skill set and knowledge base that would support the rest of my career. Performance auditing at the ANAO offered exactly that.

I have had a range of fantastic experiences in the time I've been at the ANAO. The first audit I worked on examined how Customs and Border Protection processes and risk assesses incoming international air passengers. It was a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at some of the work Customs and Border Protection do at Australia's international airports. I learnt about how SmartGate works (and how to use it properly!) and saw Customs and Border Protection's risk assessment processes in action. I have also worked on an audit of AusAID's management of infrastructure aid to Indonesia. Together with my manager, I spent six weeks in Indonesia, learning about how AusAID manages its multi-million dollar infrastructure aid programs. We met with Indonesian government officials, heard from the officers managing and implementing the programs, and spoke with locals about their experiences with the programs. For me, the experience underlined the complexities and challenges involved in the delivery of government aid programs.

The ANAO has been a welcoming and supportive workplace. My colleagues have been happy to share their knowledge and experience with me, and I have always had someone to ask for advice when I've needed it. I have also met many interesting people outside of the ANAO who work hard and are passionate about what they do. Ultimately, the ANAO has given me a fantastic start to my career and I would highly recommend it to anyone wondering what's next?