The ANAO Graduate Program is a one-year program where you'll learn how analyse and report on the finances and performance of Federal Government agencies, or how to support these functions. You'll receive support to develop your skills and expertise in public administration by understanding what these agencies do well and how they can improve. We'll help you reach your potential by providing you with a customised learning and development program that blends internal, external, online, technical and soft skills training. You'll also have the opportunity to work in different areas of the ANAO, giving you the full picture of our organisation.

About us

The Australian National Audit Office (ANAO) improves public sector performance and supports accountability and transparency in the Australian Government through independent reporting to the Parliament, the Executive and the public.

We provide an independent view of the performance and financial management of Australian Government entities, and help to ensure that Australia's public administration is accountable to Parliament and to the public it serves.

We conduct financial audits, as well as performance audits and assurance reviews, highlighting areas where improvements can be made to benefit all Australians. This can include assessing the IT systems that allow these entities to deliver their outcomes.

Our work has real impacts on government programs, policies, projects, systems and reporting.

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Our graduate program

With the ANAO Graduate Program, you'll see what other grads don't. At the ANAO, every government entity is a client so you'll develop a real understanding of what goes on behind the scenes in government.

Your work will have a real impact on government administration, and you'll work across a range of Federal Government agencies and entities, getting the big picture of how government works.

You'll contribute to meaningful work from day one and get the opportunity to make your mark in a small, dedicated organisation.

We are recruiting graduates for a number of different areas including:

  • Assurance Audit Services Group: Contribute to the financial statements audits of government entities and provide assurance to Parliament that government money is properly accounted for;
  • Performance Audit Services Group: Review the efficiency, effectiveness, economy and ethics of the implementation of government policies and programs;
  • IT Audit: Not just an average IT job, you will get the chance to assist with financial statement and performance audits, and use your technical knowledge to provide analytics and assurance services on some of the largest IT systems in the southern hemisphere;
  • Professional Services and Relationships Group: Support the audit and assurance activities of the ANAO with robust methodology and advice, and support the Auditor‐General in his relationship with the Parliament and key public sector stakeholders both nationally and internationally;
  • Corporate Management Group:  As an enabling branch, CMG provides strategic frameworks and transactional services that support the efficient operations of the ANAO through human resources, financial management, information technology and security, organisational change, digital design and communications, records management, library and research services, governance and accommodation support.

The ANAO is seeking graduates from diverse academic backgrounds, like Accounting, Finance, Information Technology, Data Science, Arts, Management, Law, Social Sciences, Economics, Public Administration, Commerce, Communication and more.

Applications for our 2019 Graduate Program open Monday 5 February 2018 and close Sunday 1 April 2018.

Our graduate program offers a list of benefits that tick all the boxes:

  • starting salary from $60,966 plus superannuation
  • work with a real impact
  • learning and development opportunities throughout your graduate year
  • a variety of work and roles
  • excellent career progression opportunities
  • flexible working arrangements
  • work/life balance
  • relocation assistance if moving from interstate
  • permanent employment on successful completion of the program
  • advancement on successful completion of the program
  • access to study assistance on successful completion of the program.

All graduate positions are located in Canberra, ACT.

Working at the ANAO

With the ANAO Graduate Program, you'll contribute to ensuring that Australia's public administration is accountable to Parliament and to the public it serves. It's important work with real impacts.

We're the place you want to work, and here are just five of the reasons why:

You'll see what other grads don't

With the ANAO, you'll have the opportunity to learn about the inner workings of multiple government agencies. Why work with one agency when you can work with them all?

Every federal government entity is a client and the ANAO reviews topics like financial management, health and social services, international relations, aged care, national parks and wildlife, finance and tax, Indigenous affairs, national security, science, education and training, agriculture, regional and remote Australia, communication, environment, energy, and much more! You'll develop a real understanding of what goes on behind the scenes in Government.

"Having the chance to engage with a number of agencies, and also conduct in-depth research and fieldwork on specific areas of interest is very rewarding. Working at the ANAO provides you with an in-depth understanding of public administration and how entities and agencies fit together."

— Irena, Performance Audit Services Group

You'll contribute to meaningful work

At the ANAO, we provide independent analysis and advice on the management of federal government agencies and entities. Our work plays a crucial role in improving financial reporting, program management and information systems across the public service.

As a performance, IT, or Financial Statement auditor you will help us to better identify where improvements can be made to public administration. The work you do will have real, immediate impacts on government programs, policies, projects, systems and reporting.

In our corporate area, you'll work to support the core functions of our agency to achieve its goals through services such as Human Resources, Finance, Information Services, and Communications. You'll be able to see the difference your work makes to how our audits are delivered and how our staff are supported.

"Since starting in the graduate program, I've had the opportunity to work on the first performance audit of a Government Business Enterprise – The Australian Rail Track Corporation. The audit is assessing if value for money was achieved through the pre-construction programme, focusing on governance and procurement."

— Alice, Performance Audit Services Group

You'll get a lot of different experiences

We don't just stare at our computer screens all day. We get out and talk to people about their unique experiences with government. Our auditors interact with and gather information from other public servants and often work on location—sometimes this is in another agency's offices in Canberra, in another city around the country, or even in remote Australia.

If you're not working on an audit, you will still work with colleagues from across the ANAO, consult broadly on the projects you are undertaking, and engage with external providers.

"An experience that stands out for me as a graduate is the travel I have undertaken across Australia, visiting Naval, Army and Air Force bases. I've been able to see things ordinary civilians usually don't such as tanks, submarines and jet fighters."

— Jason, Assurance Audit Services Group

You'll get the chance you challenge yourself

It's not always comfortable work. Working with us will sometimes push you right outside your comfort zone—you might travel to difficult locations or have to address sensitive issues with a client entity. The experiences you get will be eye-opening, challenging and rewarding but we'll ensure you're supported throughout it.

"Although challenging, the work I have undertaken is never daunting as the ANAO has a strong focus on learning and there is constantly a strong support network to help you gain the skills necessary to become a productive member of the team from day one."

— Nick, Assurance Audit Services Group graduate

You'll have the chance to stand out

We're a small, dedicated, responsive organisation. As an ANAO grad, you won't just be part a production line, and you're not just a number—our grads have worked on a wide range of audits across many different government agencies and entities.

"In my first six weeks at the ANAO, I travelled with my audit team to Geelong and Adelaide for fieldwork. I was then given the task of writing a chapter of my team's audit report on the financial sustainability of the NDIS which will be tabled in parliament. I feel like I've really made a contribution to something that matters."

— Matt, Performance Audit Services Group

Hear from our grads

We've interviewed three of our grads, Pooja, Jason and Sara, so you can hear about their experiences with the ANAO Graduate Program. Take a look at their profiles below.

You can also check out our graduate program Facebook page for more grad stories.

Who we're looking for

Although we have graduates from a diverse range of academic disciplines and backgrounds, there are some qualities we look for in all our people.

If you're applying, it's important that you:

  • have strong communication skills
  • have the ability to write clearly and concisely
  • are a self-starter 
  • have well-developed conceptual and analytical abilities
  • are an achiever with a strong sense of purpose.

To be eligible for our graduate program, you must:

  • have completed a qualification equivalent to a three-year Australian undergraduate degree in the last seven years, or complete the degree in 2018
  • be a current Australian citizen
  • be prepared to undertake a security clearance process
  • be willing to relocate to Canberra, where all graduate positions are located (we can provide allowances to assist with relocating).


We've created what we hope will be some useful resources to help you with the graduate application process:

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