To help that decision-making process along, we’ve put together a list of the important points you should consider when choosing which graduate programs to apply for.

Degree background

Are the programs you’re looking at taking graduates from your degree background? Some programs will only accept graduates from certain fields, narrowing the options down for graduates with a more specific degree. Applying for graduate programs that won’t pigeonhole you based on your degree background will give you more options.

At the ANAO, we recognise that great auditors can come from many different backgrounds, not just people with accounting or finance qualifications. We’re seeking recent graduates with a whole range of different skills.

With a degree background in Maritime Archaeology, the ANAO was not an obvious choice for Iain, one of our 2016 graduates. However he found his skills and interests aligned well with our work.

“I’m passionate about research and analysis, but wasn’t really sure where that would lead me once I left uni. Then I found out about the ANAO, and now as a Performance Analyst, I get to determine the questions I want answered, conduct research and then present my findings.”

With the ANAO Graduate Program, we’ll teach you how to give independent analysis and advice on the management of Australian Government agencies. If your degree requires great conceptual and analytical abilities, strong communication and writing skills and demonstrates your desire to achieve, we want to hear from you.

So if you have, or are about to complete, a degree in almost any discipline—like Accounting, Finance, Commerce, Economics, Communication, Information Technology, Arts, Management, Law, Social Sciences, or Public Administration, we’d like to hear from you. 


Some graduate program placements are available nationally and some are in one place, so check before you apply. If you are open to relocating, you’ll certainly expand your employer options. Relocating for a job can be a new and exciting experience, giving you the chance to make friends and get to know a new city or town.

All positions with the ANAO Graduate Program are based in Canberra, ACT. Most of our grads have relocated from other cities. One of our 2016 graduates, Ashan, moved from Melbourne to Canberra for the program and found it to be a great experience.

“The move up from Melbourne was a breeze and I really like the atmosphere in Canberra. Most people in the broader APS graduate programs move up in January, and it’s incredibly easy to make new friends in Canberra with a little effort.”

In addition, if your application for the program is successful, we’ll assist you with location costs in moving to Canberra for your exciting new opportunity.

Learning and development

When it comes to learning and development opportunities, not all graduate programs are created equal. But study, training courses and rotations can be an invaluable part of your graduate experience and can kick-start your career in your chosen field. It can be difficult to find and take on these opportunities again once your graduate program is over—so make hay while the sun shines!

With the ANAO Graduate Program, we provide you study and training opportunities, including a formal qualification appropriate to the Australian Public Service. You’ll also be given multiple opportunities to move around and work in different areas across the organisation. You won’t be siloed to one area of expertise—we want you to have the full picture of all things ANAO.

Many of our graduates also get the opportunity to learn from senior public servants, including Charlotte, another of our 2016 graduates. She has been lucky enough to start a third rotation within the ANAO Executive, working directly to the Auditor-General and Deputy Auditor-General of Australia.

“I’ve been busy undertaking a range of coordination tasks such as preparing documents like briefs, speaking notes, correspondence, and researching audit and organisational issues.

It’s been an amazing opportunity to learn from two senior public servants with a wealth of knowledge and experience, to get to know senior staff within my organisation and to think about the ‘big picture stuff’.”

Employment conditions

Starting salaries and employee entitlements vary between graduate programs, so be sure to research these before you begin your applications. You may find that pay and conditions heavily influence your preference in programs. Life’s busy and expensive—you may appreciate a program that entitles you to some work-life balance or to a higher salary, or if you’re lucky, both.

The ANAO Graduate Program offers a competitive starting salary from $60,966. On successful completion of the program you will be moved to a more senior position and your pay will increase to $66,276. Future pay rises are in line with the ANAO Enterprise Agreement 2016-2019.

We also offer a range of employment entitlements including four weeks of annual leave per year, fifteen days personal leave for sick or caring purposes, twelve months maternity leave, adoption leave and fostering leave, generous employer sponsored superannuation, access to salary packaging arrangements and flexible working arrangements.

So now you’ve considered some important points for choosing graduate programs, have you considered the ANAO Graduate Program? Find out more on our graduate program webpage.