Don’t let multiple graduate job applications get on top of you later—set yourself up early for success by following our 5 tips for preparing for ‘application season’.

Tip 1: Know what you want in a graduate program

Make a checklist of graduate program needs.  Are you looking for a certain salary? Or for a role in which you can make a difference? Or perhaps you want to be part of a program that provides you with a particular qualification? List your ‘non-negotiables’ and refer back to these when you’re researching programs later. This checklist will help you avoid wasting precious time being side-tracked by programs that don’t meet your needs.

Tip 2: Take advantage of your university career service

Step away from that computer momentarily, it’s time to go old school. Make some time to visit your uni career service—they’re a great free resource. They’re usually well connected to employers and can help you reflect on what your most marketable skills are. From here, they can assist you in developing a personalised plan of attack based on your particular field, situation and strengths/weaknesses.

Tip 3: Research and list your desired graduate programs

You’ve worked out what you want in a program and what skills you have to offer—now it’s time to start that web research. Get to know the range of employers that offer graduate programs in your field and dig deeper into what these programs can offer you, referring back to your checklist of needs and your marketable skills. From this research, make a realistic list of suitable programs to apply for.

Jump onto websites such as, and to research potential employers. These sites have a wealth of information on dozens of graduate programs!

Tip 4: Use your calendar

Now it’s time to get out a calendar, physical or digital, and plan out a schedule for getting all these applications done. Your schedule should take into account application closing dates and your personal and study commitments over the next few months. It should also factor in your program priorities—you won’t be able to put 110% into every application you do, so plan to devote more time to the programs that matter most to you. It may be daunting seeing how little time you have to complete each application, but forewarned is forearmed. 

Tip 5: Break it down

When it’s getting closer to application time, break the work down even further. At the beginning of each week, make a to-do list for every day based on your application schedule. Divide all that effort into manageable chunks, and when each task is done, feel the catharsis as you cross it off your list. Remember, the more you break down the work, the less overwhelmed you feel.

Tip 6: Bonus round

We’re biased, but make sure you include the ANAO 2019 Graduate Program in your application planning. With our graduate program, you’ll see what other grads don’t—it’s certainly one application you’ll want to be prepared for.