The ANAO Core Capability Framework has been developed to describe the core skills, capacities, applied knowledge, personal characteristics and attributes that, in combination, underpin effective performance at each classification level in the ANAO. The Core Capability Framework accommodates the diversity of roles across the ANAO.

Descriptions of the capabilities should be regarded as general in nature and require a level of interpretation depending upon the broad job context and the specific requirements and responsibilities of a role. The Core Capability Framework is not intended to be an exhaustive list of capabilities for each classification level. Similarly, it is not expected that all of the examples of behaviour listed will apply to all roles at a classification level. The capabilities described are not intended to be cumulative. Rather, they are structured to differentiate between the capabilities needed at each classification level.

While the Core Capability Framework describes typical characteristics and skills for each classification level, roles classified at any one level may require some skills or capabilities that are drawn from higher or lower classification levels.

In keeping with the broader employment framework for the Australian Public Service (APS), it is expected that all APS employees display behaviours consistent with the APS Values and Employment Principles and the APS Code of Conduct. Employees are also expected to apply principles and practices relating to workplace diversity, a safe working environment and workplace participation.

The Core Capability Framework describes skills and characteristics against six broad capabilities, from the APS 3 to the EL 2 level. The capabilities are based on the Australian Public Service Commission Integrated Leadership System (ILS) categories and introduce a new Technical Proficiency capability. The Technical Proficiency capability describes the technical subject matter expertise of the auditing professions and related or enabling support service streams within the ANAO. Each of these six capabilities describe specific and observable behaviours and characteristics that contribute to effective performance at each classification level and demonstrate the capability in action.