At the ANAO, staff with experience and strong personal attributes are encouraged to support and assist those who are less experienced. This can occur through day to day supervisory roles, the formal performance and appraisal/development processes and/or through less formal settings, such as the mentor/mentee relationship.

Mentoring is seen as a natural expression of the ANAO’s Values of respect, integrity and excellence. In particular, to:

  • Support those that need assistance [Respect]
  • Maintain confidences and privacy of others [Integrity]
  • Tap into others’ knowledge and experience and learn [Excellence]

The ANAO has a very active and structured mentor program that is accessible by all staff. Interested staff are able to review a list of experienced managers, with a view to being allocated a mentor of their choice.

To encourage staff participation, regular information sessions and mentor/mentee training is provided. In addition, quarterly Communities of Practice for both mentors and mentees are an excellent way for staff to share experiences and information.