The Professional Development Opportunities Package (PDOP) is the framework for a range of development opportunities, which are made available to ANAO staff on a bi-annual basis (April/October) via PDOP Newsletters. The following opportunities are available to ANAO staff:

  • Studies Assistance (all staff) - covers both professional qualifications and tertiary education;
  • Leadership programs (APS 5 to SES);
  • Secondments (APS 5 to EL 2);
  • Sabbatical leave (EL 1 and above - self nominating); and
  • Other external courses or programs identified by an individual staff member, not included in the above list.

Studies Assistance

​The Australian National Audit Office (ANAO) Studies Assistance Policy is aligned to our business objectives to be recognised as a learning institution and employer of choice, employing high performing staff who deliver quality audit and support services.

The ANAO is committed to providing a work environment that strengthens the skill level and capabilities of staff, by facilitating access to professional and personal development through a structured and supported studies assistance program.

Leadership Programs

The primary purpose of the ANAO's Leadership programs are to provide leaders or future leaders with the opportunity to develop leadership capability and skills through the understanding of contemporary theories and practices in leadership and management in the ANAO context.  In a joint collaboration with Bendelta Pty Ltd (EL and SES programs) and Noesis Learning (APS 5/6), the ANAO has designed and developed three key programs:

  • APS 5/6 Introduction to Leadership Program - provides participants with access to workshops, 360 degree feedback, action plans and follow up meetings with their manager;
  • EL 1/2 Leadership Development Program - experiential program that provides extensive workshops sessions and related activities (similuations/case studies, role plays), 360 degree feedback, participation in Action Learning Projects and follow up meetings with your manager; and
  • SES Band 1 Leadership Development Program - commencing with a two day workshop which covers meta-copmpetencies applicable to a range of leadership challenges, participants are also provided with 1-1 feedback session and six subsequent in-focus 1/2 day workshops.

Applications for each of the programs are sought via a PDOP Newsletter on a six monthly basis (April/October).  When considering applying for subsequent programs, staff should initially discuss their intentions with their manager to ensure that the relevant program is consistent with the learning needs identified in their Individual Developement Plan.

All applications received are considered by the People and Capability Strategy Committee.


The ANAO has a comprehensive suite of people policies and related guidelines. One of the aims is to support staff to undertake a range of further education, learning and development opportunities and to work in workplaces other than the ANAO. One of the initiatives offered by the ANAO as part of this suite of policies, is support for staff to undertake secondments to other Government and international bodies with the aim of:

  • participating in capacity building and other development assistance programs funded by the Australian Government;
  • undertaking projects or audit work with national and international audit organisations;
  • developing staff expertise and skills to achieve a more flexible, dynamic workforce;
  • promoting the work of the ANAO; and
  • encouraging retention through opportunity.

Applications - sought on a bi-annual basis each year via a Professional Development Opportunities Package (PDOP) Newsletter in April and October.

Sabbatical Leave

In addition to the ANAO initiated secondment opportunities, individual staff may apply, as part of the PDOP for sabbatical leave.