Prior to joining the ANAO in 2010, I had worked in the NSW public sector where I held various roles including in areas of systems auditing, corporate governance and research. Being new to the ACT and the Federal Government generally, I discovered the ANAO through a recruitment agent who spoke very highly of the organisation. From day one, I felt the ANAO went to great lengths to find where I would 'best fit' which I really appreciated.

Since then I have had the opportunity to work with great people across all levels of the organisation and various stakeholder groups. I enjoy and feel privileged to work in such a productive and professional environment which contributes to providing the public with a high level of transparency and accountability. Specifically, I am part of the management team that develop the annual Major Projects Report. Our team works extensively with the Department of Defence across a broad range of Defence projects, locally and interstate, which provides a unique and challenging environment.