I started with the ANAO as a performance analyst in 2012. Over the last 15 years I have worked on a range of environmental policy and natural resource management issues at a state and Commonwealth level.

My curiosity about working for the ANAO was initially piqued by better practice guides produced by the ANAO that I used in my previous roles. I found myself wanting to know more about the work of the office.

I attended an information session about working at the ANAO, talked to some senior staff, read some recent audit reports and asked around about people's experience and thoughts about the ANAO. I found an organisation that has a rare reputation and high standing for consistent, good quality reports which are well regarded.

My experience of performance auditing thus far is that it has a life-cycle akin to the seasons of a year with distinct elements and phases which you move through. My first performance audit on the administration of health infrastructure grants has been challenging, engaging and, most of all, interesting.

The training that I have received as part of the ANAO's learning and development program has been first rate and I have also benefited greatly from the mentoring program offered to new starters. Training for performance analysts brings together the experience of performance auditors across the ANAO which highlights the eclectic mix, diverse talents as well as the depth of experience and expertise which brings real strength and quality to our work.