Degree background: Commerce

Having worked in the private sector, I applied for the ANAO Graduate Program because I wanted to contribute to meaningful work for the broader community and not just the bottom line.

As an Assurance Auditor in the Defence Branch, I look at key components of financial statements and examine transactions to provide assurance over the accounting assertions made on Defence’s military assets and services. My work has taken me to Army, Navy and RAAF bases across the country to see assets such as tanks, submarines and fighter aircraft which civilians don’t ordinarily see. A stand out moment for me during my graduate year was when a senior base commander asked for my opinions on our findings – it really drove the point that the work I was doing was meaningful in a broader context.

I was subsequently offered a rotation in the Executive Office which has allowed me to work very closely with the Auditor-General and Deputy Auditor-General of Australia. This experience enabled me to adopt a high-level perspective of the ANAO and see how the work that we do feeds into Parliament and provides assurance over public funds and the implementation of policy.

The learning and development courses offered are one of the best parts of the graduate program. The ANAO supports the development of technical and soft skills, both of which are key to building our skills and careers. The workshops in the early phases of the program help you get up to speed and job-ready, and you continue to be well-supported throughout your graduate year through regular updates.