Having completed my degree as a mature age student, I began my career in the APS within the ANAO as part of the Assurance Audit Services Group Financial Statement Audit - 2011 Graduate Program. I was assigned to work on a major client with dedicated audit managers and team leaders. The advice, assistance and training I received from my team was invaluable to my development. I found that staff at the ANAO are more than approachable and always happy to help and guide me in my learning.

As part of the ANAO's commitment to graduate training, I was fortunate to be able to undertake a six week rotational placement with the IT Audit Branch of AASG. During my time in IT Audit, I developed many new skills in relation to financial statement auditing from the perspective of general and application controls surrounding the IT functions within agencies. I found this work to be very interesting and challenging and enjoyed the additional stimulation to my learning. Consequently at the completion of my graduate program I applied for and gained a full time position within the IT Audit Branch. Although I am aligned to IT audit, I am very fortunate to be able to continue working and learning in both the IT Audit and Financial Statement Audit fields of auditing.

The ANAO provides technical training sessions on both IT specific and accounting issues that emerge across the Commonwealth. These sessions assist in the development of our audit planning, testing and reporting skills, and provide context regarding the scope and role of the ANAO, including the legislative framework under which the ANAO conducts its work. There are also many opportunities for further learning and development on offer and all staff are encouraged to attend relevant sessions.

I enjoy the unique challenges that being an auditor at the ANAO provides and in particular the variety of work available to me in my roles within both the IT and Financial Statement audit teams. The work is fulfilling, however working at the ANAO is more than just a job, it is a workplace that encourages a strong work-life balance. I have a large degree of responsibility, yet I am not forced to work long hours or on weekends. The work culture at the ANAO is very supportive and flexible and staff are constantly finding new ways to encourage interaction (both socially and professionally) between branches and service areas. I am thoroughly enjoying being able to contribute to the ANAO and add to its fantastic work culture.