Degree background: Accounting and Management

I joined the ANAO through the Internship Program, and then came on board as a graduate. As an intern, I developed a basic understanding of auditing and was encouraged to further my auditing skills while completing my degree. I was particularly interested in the variety of work, professional development opportunities, and work-life balance the ANAO offers its graduates.

Working as a Financial Statements auditor, my role is to examine financial statement line items and more. Financial statements differ from entity to entity so getting to know the nature of an entity’s business is crucial and, at times, challenging.

The most interesting work I’ve done in the Graduate Program would be performing Benefit Recalculations as part of the Department of Human Services audit. It gave me the opportunity to delve into the processes and services the department delivers directly to the public. I even had the unique experience of auditing the Australian Accounting Standards Board and Auditing and Assurance Standards Board – the agencies that set the accounting and auditing standards!

From the audits I have conducted, which ranged from bigger departments to smaller agencies and included a few high profile audits, I’ve been able to see the big picture of how the Federal Government works. My work provides the public with information that affects decision making and makes a real impact on government administration.

The ANAO has also provided me with the opportunity to develop and improve my understanding beyond auditing financial statements, and into other areas of professional development such as developing analytical rigour, technical skills and building my leadership skills while continually challenging myself professionally.