Degree background: Psychology (Honours)

I work on the Major Projects Report in the Performance Audit Services Group. This report provides assurance annually over the status of the Department of Defence’s major military equipment purchases, like warships and fighter jets. I am involved in all aspects of the report, from visiting Defence project offices and interviewing staff during the fieldwork stage, to ensuring all statements in the report are supported by evidence, as well as report drafting, editing, and publication.

In my first week working in the Major Projects Report team, I identified some areas in a technical document that were important to the review, but which couldn’t be fully understood without advice from the Defence client. I participated in a conference call with an Army Lieutenant Colonel who explained the more complex parts of the document. Getting to be an active participant and ask questions ensured that I got everything required to complete my work. For me, that’s the best proof that ANAO graduates do real work from day one.

One of the best aspects of working at the ANAO is its people and workplace culture. This is a workplace where people genuinely look out for each other and you always have someone to support you. I’ve made friends among my grad cohort quickly and easily, and have enjoyed a great dynamic within my audit team.

The ANAO has offered me the chance to use the research and analysis skills I learned as part of my psychology degree to form objective, evidence-based viewpoints of government programs. I never pictured a degree in psychology taking me on this path, but I’m glad it did.