In view of the significant level of investment by Commonwealth agencies in the implementation and production of Financial Management Information Systems (FMISs), the ANAO, in conjunction with Gartner, undertook a benchmarking study within the Commonwealth budget sector with the objective of determining and reporting on FMIS:

  • implementation and production costs; and
  • implementation timeframes.

The benchmarking study also provides some data on resource support, size, volume and utilisation of the FMIS information. These data and metrics have significant implications for FMIS product selection. This study follows on from ANAO Audit Report No.12 'Selection, Implementation and Management of Financial Management Information Systems in Commonwealth Agencies', which was tabled in September 2001. That report provided details of the results of FMIS selections and implementations across the same eight Commonwealth budget sector agencies (the Commonwealth peer group) considered in this benchmarking study.