This audit would assess the effectiveness of the Australian Digital Health Agency’s (ADHA’s) delivery of a safe, secure, and reliable digital health system.

The ADHA is responsible for delivering and enhancing Australia’s digital health capability. The National Digital Health Strategy identifies seven priorities, including ensuring Health Information can be exchanged securely, a commonly understood interoperable data standard is maintained, and support for the development of a thriving health app industry. The 2021–22 Budget included $32.3 million for interoperability within national digital health infrastructure, $87.5 million to improve system preparedness and responsiveness and $301.8 million for the ongoing development of the MyHealth Record portal.

The ANAO conducted a performance audit of the implementation of the MyHealth Record system in 2019 (Auditor-General Report No. 13 of 2019–20), which made five recommendations in relation to security, privacy and system assurance. The ADHA published an implementation plan outlining its approach to implementing these recommendations in February 2020. Following a Joint Committee of Public Accounts and Audit inquiry into the audit completed in December 2020, ADHA provided an update on its progress in implementing the audit recommendations to the Committee in June 2021. The ADHA noted that most of its key deliverables had been completed and monitoring and engagement was continuing.