This audit would assess the effectiveness of the Professional Services Review (PSR) scheme.

The PSR scheme was established in July 1994 to protect the integrity of Medicare and the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme. The director of the PSR, supported by around 30 staff in the PSR agency, administers the PSR scheme. The Department of Health and Aged Care monitors the conduct of practitioners who make claims under Medicare, the Child Dental Benefit Scheme, and the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme. Where the department identifies potentially inappropriate practice by a provider, it may refer the practitioner to the director of the PSR for review. Practitioners who are found to have engaged in conduct that is unacceptable to the general body of the practitioner’s peers may be subject to sanctions such as disqualification from billing Medicare or pharmaceutical benefits. The director of the PSR is independent of the Department of Health and Aged Care and reports directly to the Minister for Health and Aged Care.

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