This audit would examine the effectiveness of the Department of Social Services’ (DSS’s) arrangements to identify, manage and report on fraud and integrity risks.

Effective fraud control helps to protect public resources, information, property, and the integrity and reputation of entities and the Commonwealth. DSS works in partnership with other government and non-government organisations on a range of policies, programs and services focused on improving the wellbeing of people and families in Australia. In particular, DSS is subject to potential fraud risk in relation to the high volume and varying complexity of personal benefit payments and the administration of grants programs, all with differing legislative and policy requirements.

DSS is required to implement the Commonwealth Fraud Control Framework, including measures to promote fraud awareness and report instances of fraud. This audit would examine the extent to which DSS has implemented the fraud control framework on a risk basis, and would assess the department’s monitoring and evaluation of, and reporting on, its fraud control arrangements.