This audit would assess the effectiveness of the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet’s strategies to implement and monitor the Australian Government Public Data Policy Statement, as well as selected entities’ compliance with data-sharing requirements.

Published in December 2015, the policy statement acknowledges government data as a significant national resource with economic and strategic value. The statement commits government entities to make data ‘open by default’ and sets out basic principles for sharing and publishing data. Since its release, a number of initiatives have been implemented, including:

  • — an Australian Government initiative to support the discovery and publishing of public sector information for public access, better reuse across the whole of government, and openness, transparency and economic development in the Australian community; and
  • Office of the National Data Commissioner — responsible for streamlining how public sector data is used and shared to promote greater use of the data, drive innovation and economic benefits from greater use, and build trust with the Australian community around government’s use of Data Integration Partnership for Australia — a three-year, $130.8 million investment to maximise the use and value of the government’s data assets, starting 1 July 2017.