This audit would examine the effectiveness of the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet’s (PM&C’s) and the Attorney-General’s Department’s implementation of the Australian National Audit Office’s recommendation to increase awareness of the Lobbying Code of Conduct and its requirements, including the extent to which they have provided advice to government about the sufficiency of current arrangements in supporting the achievement of the code’s objectives.

The audit would follow up on the Auditor-General Report No. 27 of 2017–18, Management of the Australian Government’s Register of Lobbyists. The register is intended to support the operation of the Lobbying Code of Conduct, which is aimed at promoting trust in the integrity of government processes and ensuring that contact between lobbyists and government representatives is conducted in accordance with public expectations of transparency, integrity and honesty. The report found that PM&C generally had insufficient mechanisms in place to provide assurance that the broad objectives of the code were being met. Responsibility for the administration of the Register of Lobbyists is transitioning to the Attorney-General’s Department in 2019.