This audit would examine the effectiveness of the National Indigenous Australians Agency’s (NIAA’s) administration of the Remote Australia Strategies program, one of five streams of Indigenous Advancement Strategy (IAS) funding.

The Remote Australia Strategies program, which has a recurrent appropriation of approximately $50 million a year, is designed to support projects that contribute to improved education, employment and community safety in remote areas. This is achieved through grant funding to support place-based agreements with Indigenous communities and regions, alongside improved infrastructure in remote areas, including telecommunications and renewable energy. Other Australian Government commitments delivered under the program include the Army Aboriginal Community Assistance Program ($7 million a year from the IAS) and Outback Power ($10 million from the IAS).

As part of a series of audits examining the key funding streams under the IAS and associated programs outside of the NIAA, the audit would seek to determine whether grant funding is being appropriately and effectively administered to ensure the achievement of improved outcomes for remote Australia.