Information about ANAO events and seminars including the financial and performance reporting forum and the audit committee chairs forum.

Financial and performance reporting forum

The ANAO supports audited entities and their governance arrangements, and we continue to look for ways to improve and expand the communication of audit findings, conclusions and recommendations. One of the ways that the ANAO does this is through the hosting of biannual financial and performance reporting forums.

To facilitate interstate and broader participation, the ANAO web streams the forum and the broadcast is hosted on the ANAO website after the event.

The ANAO would like to thank those that have attended past forums. If you have any feedback that you’d like to see incorporated into future forums, please do not hesitate to contact our External Relations team.

You can view details of past and upcoming financial and performance reporting forums on our events and seminars list.

Audit committee chairs forum

The audit committee chairs forum is an initiative of the ANAO for the Audit Committee Chairs for Commonwealth entities. Audit committees play an important role in the public sector governance framework, and the forum is an opportunity to share insights from the audit program. The forum also seeks to provide relevant updates and information to assist committees to meet the requirements of the PGPA Act and Rules.

The forum is held biannually, and a communique is published the ANAO website after each forum that details the matters presented and discussed.

So that we can maintain a master contact list, it would be appreciated if any changes in occupancy of audit committee chair positions were advised to: Please also provide any feedback you would like to see incorporated in future forums.

You can view details of past and upcoming audit committee chairs forums on our events and seminars list.

IMPACT 2023, the International Meeting of Performance Audit Critical Thinkers

The Australian National Audit Office and the ACT Audit Office, sponsored by the Australasian Council of Auditors-General (ACAG), hosted IMPACT 2023, the International Meeting of Performance Audit Critical Thinkers. The meeting was held 19–20 April 2023 in Canberra, Australia.