Welcome to the Australian National Audit Office (ANAO) graduate program information page. We hope you find this information helpful and consider us as an employer.


What we do

We are a specialist public sector agency that supports the Auditor-General of Australia to conduct audits of Australian Government agencies. We report to the Parliament and are proud of the important role we play in keeping government agencies accountable for their exercise of authority and expenditure of public funds.

Through our audits we investigate and report on how government agencies operate, including their finances and how they manage programs, implement policy and run IT systems to achieve the aims of government. We exist to support accountability and transparency in government—our work keeps the Parliament and public informed about how government agencies are performing, maintaining pressure on and helping them to improve the way they work.

We are driven by our strong culture of integrity and independence, and our people are committed to fully understanding and shining a light on aspects of public administration for the benefit of everyone.

See what other grads don’t at the ANAO

See things as they are—and help others to!

Work right at the heart of the public sector and analyse how well agencies are delivering. Delve into the detail of a policy implementation or administrative issue. Ask questions and get to the bottom of why decisions have been made. Could you recommend a better way to do it? Call it out! We report our audit findings to the Parliament and public.

Join us and be a fiercely independent protector of transparency and accountability. Driven by our high integrity and performance culture, and underpinned by our organisational values of respect, integrity and excellence, we believe strongly in our purpose of supporting accountability and transparency in the Australian Government sector through our independent reporting.

See action

Don’t be sidelined with busy work or a “special graduate project”. Your input counts from day one and your perspective adds to the diversity of viewpoints that allows us, as part of the APS, to solve some of the most complex problems facing the country.

Be a valued member of an ANAO audit team from the get-go — with real work and real responsibility. Our graduates relish the challenging and interesting work they receive and take pride in seeing the fruits of their labour (i.e. their audit report) published and tabled in the parliament.

See first-hand how senior leaders operate and build your professional networks

Collaborate across the ANAO and the public service with colleagues of all levels, including senior leadership. We offer unrivalled opportunities to learn from public service senior execs. Interested in the experience of justifying your audit findings to the Executive? Your team will support you every step of the way.

Even if you’re not quite ready to dive into the deep end yet—you’ll learn plenty from your colleagues and managers who are some of the best auditors in the business. We work in a modern, activity based and highly collaborative working environment where team work and innovation is encouraged.

You’ll also attend ANAO and APS-wide events to help you build your connections, and fast-track your development and journey to leadership.

See where your ANAO career takes you

Not sure where your career’s headed? Get a strong skill foundation to build upon here. You’ve already got a ten year career plan and know your next move? Perfect, we can help you make it happen! Either way, work with us to create your tailored 12-month learning and development plan and a graduate program experience that reflects your strengths, needs, skills, interests and aspirations.

See what ANAO life has to offer

Be welcomed into our small, friendly and inclusive organisation. Meet diverse and vibrant colleagues and participate in Social Club events that will help you make new friends and develop your ANAO network. You’ll have access to not one — but two buddies — to help you through the early days of your program, and introduce you to ANAO life.

At the ANAO we have a positive approach to flexible work and work life balance. We recognise that if you have balance in your work and life you are more likely to be productive and engaged, and to bring new energy to the challenges we face every day in the ANAO and APS. We want you to enjoy a life where work is just one important facet of what you do and who you are.

See beyond your own computer screen

Collaborate seamlessly with colleagues in our modern activity-based work environment, or from home some days (if it suits the work you’re doing and the needs of the team). Or join our highly mobile workforce and collect audit evidence out at client offices — or wherever else your work takes you (yes, sometimes we travel). Do you want a job where no two days are the same? We thought so!

Program overview

Our graduate program is a 12-month program open to graduates and postgraduates of all degree disciplines. You will start out as an APS level 3 and, on successful completion of the program, progress to an APS level 4.

Our graduate program offers:

  • challenging and interesting work with real responsibility for work that matters
  • foundational knowledge and skills to set up your career and a unique introduction to the work of government
  • Tailored learning and development with placements based on your personal career and development goals
  • ongoing employment with generous conditions and a starting salary of $64,698 per annum, plus 15.4 % superannuation
  • a positive approach to flexible work and work life balance
  • relocation assistance if you need to move to Canberra from interstate
  • the option to commence your program in October 2021, or February 2022.

On successful completion of our graduate program you will:

  • be promoted to an APS level 4 and receive an annual salary of $70,333 plus 15.4% superannuation
  • have a strong career foundation on which to build, with public sector skills and knowledge that give you a competitive edge in the workplace.

Learning and development

With us you'll also receive a comprehensive learning and development program based on the 70:20:10 principle — that is, you obtain 70 per cent of your knowledge from on-the-job experiences, 20 percent from learning with and from others, and 10 percent from formal educational events.

On-the-job skills and experience

Learn on-the-job from colleagues who are experts in their field. Develop highly-regarded people and work skills that’ll take your career to the next level, skills in communication, leadership, interview, analysis, writing, questioning, engaging with stakeholders, managing time, research and more — all while you’re learning to audit. And develop your confidence, resilience and emotional intelligence too!


Get the space to explore your career aspirations. Maybe you want to compliment your accounting degree with some experience in data analytics? Or maybe you’re someone who would enjoy multiple placements?

The benefit of working in a smaller agency is the flexibility we can give you when it comes to your graduate program experience.

Don’t forget the formal learning!

After a comprehensive induction program where you’ll learn the foundations of office, ANAO and APS life, you’ll continue to participate in our structured graduate training program over the course of the year. Featuring a mix of face-to-face workshops and self-directed online learning, you’ll continue to receive practical work strategies to apply at your own pace.

Access generous studies assistance after successfully completing your graduate program. We support CA, CPA, and other applicable studies and help our people maintain membership with professional bodies and associations relevant to their role.

See where your APS career takes you

Build your skills. Build your career. Shape Australia’s future. These are all things you can do in the Australian Public Service, of which we are an important part.

Experience a lifetime of career opportunities as part of the APS. Whatever your degree there are a multitude of opportunities to apply your interests and it’s easy to move between different agencies for different career opportunities — join us and choose your own path.

Our work and you

Our work

We independently select, analyse and audit topics of significant public interest, investment and importance, like Defence capability, government cyber resilience, delivery of major infrastructure, administration of government grants schemes and programs for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

We examine topics like:

  • program implementation, management and monitoring
  • IT systems
  • financial statements
  • service delivery
  • procurement processes, contract and grants management
  • management of defence assets
  • policy development processes
  • and more!


More so than graduates with the ‘right’ degree, we’re looking for people that are motivated, curious, team-minded and skilled in communicating with others — and that will fit with our high integrity and performance culture. The skills, qualities and attributes we look for in our people are:

  • positive attitude and eagerness to learn
  • strong written communication skills with the ability to write clearly and concisely
  • strong verbal communication skills, including the ability to speak confidently to people of all backgrounds
  • creative and critical thinking
  • flexibility and adaptability
  • proactive attitude and efficient approach to heavy workloads
  • well-developed conceptual and analytical abilities
  • strong sense of purpose and the drive to achieve.

We accept all degrees and disciplines — so if you’ve studied accounting, the arts, or even astronomy, there’s a place for you here. We value you for your unique skills, attributes and experiences, and will help you learn the audit technical skills you need.

You’re interested in: investigating financial statements

In our Assurance Audit Services Group you’ll conduct important annual financial statement audits of Australian Government agencies. Working in an environment where profit is not the driver, your job will be rewarding and challenging as you help improve the standards of public sector financial management and administration.

You’ll work closely with audit clients, gaining exposure to a variety of financial audit work while getting to know different public sector agencies — including the challenges they face and the unique ways they operate. You’ll continue to develop your accounting and audit skills, as well as new project management and stakeholder engagement skills.

Learn more about the work of our Assurance Audit Services Group at our website.

What qualifications should I have?
  • accounting
  • economics
  • commerce

You’re interested in: evaluating programs, initiatives and systems

In our Performance Audit Services Group you’ll research and analyse a variety of issues of public policy and administration, developing deep insight into how government agencies do their work.

During a performance audit you’ll follow the research process to build a detailed understanding of how government agencies are performing and report your findings to the Parliament. You’ll learn how to make a substantial contribution to all stages of a performance audit, from evidence collection, to client engagement to report writing.

Learn more about the work of our Performance Audit Services Group  on our website.

What qualifications should I have?

All degrees are relevant, but we do look for people with highly developed skills in writing, research and analysis.

You’re interested in: IT systems or data analytics

In our Systems Assurance and Data Analytics (SADA) group you’ll use your cutting edge knowledge of system administration, database development, data analysis or financial systems management to conduct IT audits of some of the Australian Government’s most complex and expensive IT systems.

Data analytics is playing a continually expanding role at the ANAO, and our SADA team work at the forefront of this. You’ll help our auditors discover insights into government policies, initiatives, programs and financial statements, and conduct technical audits of networks, operating platforms and database management systems.

Join SADA and solve challenging problems with contemporary analytical techniques using tools like Python, R, SQL, Tableau and Qlik Sense. You’ll also get to work with emerging and innovative technology, like tools for statistical modelling, data mining, text mining and process mining.

Learn more about the work of our System Assurance and Data Analytics Group on our website

What qualifications should I have?
  • data analytics
  • business information systems
  • business informatics
  • engineering
  • IT security
  • dual degrees in finance/IT

You’re interested in: giving advice on accounting standards and frameworks

In our Professional Services and Relationships Group you’ll give specialist audit and accounting advice and support to our auditors in the field.

You’ll create auditing methodologies, tools and guidance that keep the ANAO’s processes in line with better practice and auditing standards. You’ll also review our work for quality.

Learn more about the work of our Professional Services and Relationships Group on our website.

What qualifications should I have?
  • finance related degrees — accounting, commerce, economics
  • law

You’re interested in: working in corporate services

In our Corporate Management Group you’ll work in your own specialist area (like human resources, communication, finance, IT or governance) to support our audit work and lead change across our organisation.

Put your tertiary studies into practice in our busy and diverse corporate environment. Here you’ll provide high quality advice and support to our business and help us transform the way we work.

What qualifications should I have?
  • business related degrees — HR, communication, psychology
  • finance related degrees
  • IT related degrees

How to apply

Submit your application through our Online Recruitment Portal. As part of the application, you'll be asked to complete an expression of interest and provide:

  • proof of Australian citizenship
  • your resume
  • your academic transcript (an unofficial one is sufficient)
  • details of two referees.

Consider referring to the ANAO Capability Framework which describes the skills, knowledge and attributes we expect of our people.


To be eligible for our graduate program, you must:

  • have completed an Australian Qualifications Framework Level 7 qualification (a Bachelor degree), equivalent, or higher equivalent in the last seven years — or be completing this by 31 December 2021
  • be an Australian citizen
  • be prepared to undertake a security clearance process
  • be willing to relocate to Canberra*

*Position locations – The ANAO is located in Canberra and this is where all graduate positions are based. We provide relocation assistance if you need to move from interstate.

Reasonable adjustment

The ANAO is committed to providing an inclusive and diverse workplace where all our employees are valued. We foster a work environment that is collaborative and that harnesses the experiences, skills and perspectives of all our people. Our commitment to diversity and inclusivity extends to our recruitment practice, where we are able to provide reasonable adjustments to applicants with disability.


Applications for our 2022 graduate program open Monday 22 February and close 11:59PM (AEST), Sunday 11 April 2021.

For more information visit www.anao.gov.au/careers/vacancies 

Assessment process

Here’s what our application process could look like on your end!



More information

Check out our graduate program frequently asked questions page — the answer to your questions might be there. If not, please reach out to us using the ‘Get in touch’ information below.

Email: graduateprogram@anao.gov.au
Phone: (02) 6203 7560

You can keep up to date with our graduate program and the recruitment process on our social pages! Connect with us by:


Meet our graduates

Hear more about our program from some of last year’s graduates.


Working here can give you a very frank understanding of the issues in public administration—but also an opportunity to help fix these.

By identifying problems through an audit report, they are highlighted and brought to Parliament’s attention, which can then drive the agency to improve.

I’ve been lucky enough to see the findings from my own audit work highlighted in Parliament, and to follow the progress the government agency has made in addressing them. I’ve watched parliamentary hearings where the agency was grilled about whether they addressed the issues we raised, and I can now see the improvements that agency put in place in direct response to my work. It’s very satisfying to see the difference your work can make.


Being a graduate at the ANAO has given me lots of opportunities to learn useful skills. I’ve developed technical skills like working with new software and professional writing.

“I’ve also developed a bunch of really valuable general skills like problem solving, collaborating with people of different levels and working with stakeholders—all of which are transferrable between roles and helpful wherever I choose to go in my career.”

One thing I’ve found really cool working here is that senior staff are supportive of your career and skill development goals. I was interested in project management so my supervisor got me involved in several of the ANAO’s projects and showed me different project management courses I could do to gain project manager certification.


Before coming to the ANAO I studied a Bachelor of Arts, which involved a really broad range of subjects, and I had very little experience in a corporate environment. Once I had finished my degree and started looking at career options I found it quite difficult to see how anything I learnt at uni would be valuable in the workplace.

Since starting here I have found myself applying many of the skills I developed throughout my degree in the context of a performance audit.

In my first year as an auditor I have conducted research and analysis, applied critical thinking and communicated my findings—which I never really thought I would do as part my job.

There is also a lot of variety in the audits we do—which is great for someone like me, who enjoys moving between different topics.


As part of my work in financial audit, I’ve been given responsibility for directly liaising with clients and stakeholders, which has immensely boosted my confidence.

I’ve been trusted by my team to attend forums on behalf of the ANAO, and to gather evidence and develop work papers that form part of our audit file.

I have been given real responsibility in my rotations too. While in our Major Projects Report team I did research and gathered data on new Defence projects to feature in next year’s report. I also worked in the corporate finance area and brushed up on my skills in finance operations!


I was welcomed into the ANAO and my diverse grad cohort, with people from all parts of Australia. It was great starting out with friends who were going through the same experience as me.

ANAO boasts a vibrant culture and social life. Throughout my grad year I’ve met colleagues through ANAO Social Club events—the highlight being the annual trivia night run by the grads!

I’ve also enjoyed opportunities to attend events (hello, catering!) with grads from other government agencies, and to learn what they do in their roles in a more informal way.