Our people have a personal responsibility to strive to meet our corporate values and goals in all aspects of their work and to be accountable for the authority entrusted to them — in short, to create a working environment supportive of the ANAO's shared vision.

ANAO Enterprise Agreement 2016–2019 and Section 24(1) Determination

The ANAO Enterprise Agreement 2016–2019 provides a set of employment conditions that meet the needs of the ANAO and its staff. The Agreement has the following features:

  • Structure — an ANAO-specific classification structure, supported by dedicated work level standards reflecting the nature of audit work, that meets job requirements and our business needs;
  • Employment conditions — a set of employment conditions that enhance productivity and provide staff with the opportunity to balance their work and private lives, including flexibility in relation to the pattern of working hours, starting and finishing times, part-time employment and working from home;
  • Working arrangements — working arrangements that recognise individual skills, engender a team spirit and commitment and involve staff in decision-making processes;
  • Remuneration policy — a fair and transparent pay and advancement policy that recognises and rewards individual contributions; and
  • Performance management - development and promotion of a performance culture, with a focus on high level performance with appropriate rewards and incentives.

The ANAO’s Enterprise Agreement 2016–2019 was originally extended through a Section 24(1) Determination, effective on 22 April 2019, and allows for the extension of the existing agreement for up to three years. A further s24(1) Determination was approved by the Auditor-General on 11 March 2022 and continues to carry forward the current terms and conditions of the Agreement while providing for salary increases up to Wage Price Index (Private) from the most recent June quarter for three years for eligible staff. A further s24(1) determination was approved by the Auditor-General on 30 March 2023 and continues to carry forward the current terms and conditions of the agreement while providing for salary increases of 3%.

The classification structure is detailed in the Agreement with the updated remuneration structure in the Determination, which is attached to this page at related documents.

Employment entitlements

The ANAO Enterprise Agreement provides for a range of employment entitlements including:

  • four weeks of annual leave which may be taken on half pay and accumulated for two years; annual leave may be used for other purposes as necessary;
  • 15 days cumulative personal leave, for sick or caring purposes;
  • 12 months maternity leave, adoption leave and fostering leave, with eligibility for 15 weeks pay if certain conditions are met and with access to annual leave on either full or half pay;
  • generous employer sponsored superannuation;
  • access to salary packaging arrangements; and
  • flexible working arrangements.