The Professional Services and Relationships Group provides timely, expert advice and assistance across the ANAO on a diverse range of audit and related topics. 

We provide direct support to the Executive through independent quality reviews, the provision of advice and the preparation of responses to Australian Government reform.  We also provide vital support to our financial statement and performance auditors, including an up-to-date and comprehensive policy and guidance database; an audit methodology package including templates and guidance; and learning and development courses and information seminars.  Most importantly, we offer well thought-out technical auditing and accounting advice to our auditors when they are in the field.

We contribute to the audit and accounting profession in Australia by providing Client Seminars that update ANAO clients on financial reporting developments and contractor briefings on topical public sector issues, as well as being an active member of the Australasian Council of Auditors-General. We also support ANAO initiatives to build auditing capacity outside Australia by assisting the Indonesian Audit Office with quality assurance and audit support through the ANAO’s Strategic Partnership Agreement with AusAID. 

Our staff are afforded numerous opportunities to develop our technical knowledge through learning and development activities, as well as networking with policy agencies, professional bodies and other audit offices.  A number of our staff also spend part of the year working on financial audits, thereby further developing their technical auditing and accounting skills.

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