Senior Director, PSRG

After a career working in accounting and auditing at a major private firm and another government agency, I came in to interview for an audit manager position at the ANAO in February 2015. I soon found that PSRG was a great fit for me—my skills and experience meant I was well placed to provide technical support and advice to the whole organisation (including our performance and financial statement auditors) and to deliver products across a range of topics and issues.

My work in PSRG keeps me challenged. In managing the audit technical products we deliver and providing advice to our audit staff, I deal in the difficult areas of audit practice and methodology. I really enjoy getting the ‘meaty’ questions that require me to research and understand accounting and auditing issues. I like resolving tricky issues and finding new ways of doing things.

I get genuine personal satisfaction from my work here. As an example, I’m proud of my involvement in managing ANAO’s auditing standards. These are part of the Federal Register of Legislation, and serve as a record of my contribution to the ANAO. I’ve also recently been involved in developing guidance on changes to the reporting of Key Audit Matters—through this I’ve had real input into improving the usefulness of audit reports, and it’s been fascinating working at the cutting edge of the auditing world.

In PSRG you’re a technical expert, a resource to the whole ANAO. You get to know the key decision makers. You develop your people skills—presenting on issues and providing clear advice to staff is part of the job. And importantly, you work across issues relevant to the entirety of the organisation, as well as across the Australian Government.