I have worked in the IT industry for several years and was working as a management consultant prior to joining the ANAO in 2007. I made the transition to the ANAO as it had a reputation for performing interesting work that was high-impact and the organisation was highly recommended by friends and mentors. I was amazed after the first few days by the intelligence and insight of the people I talked to and by their commitment to getting the job done.

The ANAO provides the variety of work, similar to my previous consulting roles. I have had the opportunity to work on audits of large departments such as Defence and ATO, which have some of the most complex systems in Australia. My engagements have included assessments of: large-scale mainframe environments; complex logistics, taxation and payment systems; IT governance; system integration and consolidation projects; whole-of-government initiatives; and biometric and risk profiling applications. The exposure to different clients and systems provide the ideal platform for becoming a complete business professional.

In addition to the variety of work, I have also been impressed by the opportunities to work with very qualified and thoughtful people who bring the spirit of collaboration to what they do. I have worked in different sized teams and with a range of experts, such as ex-CIOs, system architects, and mainframe and security specialists. I am amazed at the quality of the people inside the ANAO and the calibre of the thinking that goes into identifying solutions. The ANAO also gives me opportunities to work with senior people in the public sector, including exposure to emerging issues and upcoming innovations across several business areas. The ANAO brand really opens the doors to collaborating with talented people in both public and private sectors.

The ANAO's commitment to people is another aspect that I admire. From the assessment process through to learning and development, the ANAO focuses on growing its staff and building internal capability. The ANAO is supportive of further study and will provide financial support to help achieve further qualifications. The ANAO also provides an environment that encourages a good work-life balance. I value my time with my family and I am not expected to work long hours or throughout my weekends. I am privileged to be a part of such a great organisation that has exciting work, great people and a supportive work culture.