I joined the ANAO in May 2012, having previously worked in a financial accounting role at the Museum of Australian Democracy at Old Parliament House for three years and as an auditor in the private sector for three years prior to that.

The ANAO was recommended to me by one of the mums in my mums' group, who worked in the same area. After hearing about the variety of work that she had the opportunity to perform, I thought the ANAO would be a good fit for me. I was particularly interested in fulfilling an accounting role that was quite technical in nature.

My role includes giving technical advice, drafting audit policy / guidance and designing audit methodology for both financial statement and performance audit. I have also had the opportunity to present many training sessions about audit policy and methodology. I enjoy the variety in my role, which keeps me busy and interested. I find interpreting highly technical accounting information and disseminating this information to auditors to assist them in undertaking their fieldwork to be very rewarding.

I like the fact that the ANAO actively promotes the achievement of an optimal work / life balance, which is particularly important to me as a mum. The ANAO also emphasises the importance of learning and development and is willing to invest the necessary time and resources to ensure that staff are afforded the training they need, both to excel in their roles and to advance their careers. I have had the opportunity to attend many internal and external training courses.

When I am not at work I am usually chasing my three boys around and doing endless loads of washing!