Senior Analyst, PRSG

After joining the ANAO as a graduate in 2005, I worked as an auditor for five years, contributing to the financial statement audits of variety of entities. This experience enabled me to develop my audit, analytical, written and oral communication skills. Looking for a new challenge, I joined PSRG in 2010 to further develop my technical accounting skills and be part of a team that provides support to auditors across the ANAO.

There’s a lot of variety to my work in PSRG. In addition to providing technical accounting advice to auditors, I keep them updated on financial reporting developments and emerging issues through Technical Update presentations. I prepare materials for client seminars on financial reporting developments and accounting short courses. I’m also responsible for monitoring national and international developments in the accounting world.

I enjoy working in PSRG because it provides me with the opportunity to contribute to solutions to emerging accounting challenges and develop internal and external client relationships.  I also enjoy helping our auditors solve difficult accounting problems, particularly during their busy periods of the year.  PSRG offers a supportive team environment and allows me a genuine work-life balance. As a mother of three children that works part time, I can happily say PSRG, as well as the ANAO, is very accommodating and flexible.