I was born and raised in Tasmania and studied finance and accounting at the University of Tasmania. I worked at the Tasmanian Department of Treasury and Finance, before moving to Canberra. I was attracted to the ANAO as I wanted to experience the federal public service and learn about how Government works on a larger scale.

I am part of the Assurance Audit Services Group (AASG) and work in the Social Policy area, specifically, the Social and Human Services portfolios, auditing the financial statements of entities. In this role I have contributed to audits of the Medicare health program, which is in excess of $50 billion, and to audits of the Treasury, Australian Prudential Regulatory Authority, Industry and the Clean Energy Regulator. I have been able to learn how all of these departments provide the services they are appropriated for, and gain an understanding of efficient processes.

I have had opportunities to contribute to other ANAO audits, including the Defence Major Projects Report for several years. This limited assurance review focuses on schedule and capability as well as financial information. This experience has allowed me to diversify my analysis skills and work with different people. I have also been selected to form part of the performance audit team assessing services reform on Norfolk Island, once again offering a new working environment and new skills to learn.

The ANAO encourages ongoing learning and development for all employees. Auditing public sector entities involves a specialised skill set, and all AASG members have access to ongoing technical training and updates. ANAO’s culture of a collaborative on the job learning has been the most encouraging aspect of the office. Staff at all levels are willing and able to help you solve any problems and walk you through appropriate ways to approach them. This encourages a mentor relationship within the office and accelerates growth and exposure to a wide range of procedures.