This audit would assess the effectiveness of the Impact Analysis (IA) framework in supporting the Australian Public Service’s (APS) capability to undertake quality evidence-based policy analysis.

The IA framework is designed to help policymakers identify the relevant policy problem, examine a range of viable options, assess the costs and benefits of the options, and develop the evidence base for well-informed decision making. The Office of Impact Analysis (OIA) within the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet aims to ensure that major policy decisions are supported by sound evidence and analysis. The OIA has a dual role: ensuring compliance with the IA framework; and providing guidance and coaching across the APS to assist entities to produce high quality analysis.

The audit would assess the OIA’s administration of the IA framework, and selected entities’ application of it in their work.

Work program portfolios

This potential Performance audit is featured in 2 annual audit work program portfolios: