In August 1997, Works Australia, a former business unit of the former Department of Administrative Services,was sold by the then Office of Asset Sales (OAS). For a price of $4.2 million, the purchaser acquired the assets of Works Australia and accepted certain liabilities. At the time the sale was completed, Works Australia held $43.7 million in cash belonging to Commonwealth agencies (known as client advances). ANAO programmed an audit to examine oversight of the post-sale contractual arrangements for each of the 307 Commonwealth client advances totalling $43.7 million transferred to the purchaser and found that the $43.7 million in client advances transferred to the purchaser of Works Australia in August 1997 has been effectively accounted for as of July 2001 by the Commonwealth agencies concerned. In addition, the relevant financial security arrangements over the Works Australia client advances have been effectively administered in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Works Australia Sale Agreement by Finance.