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I joined the ANAO at the start of 2019. Prior to this, I spent about four years working across secondary education, recruitment and several contract roles within the Australian Public Service.

I was drawn to the ANAO as I was looking for a role that would intellectually challenge me — and I found it! The performance audits I have worked on have required me to:

  • analyse population data to identify whether an entity is becoming more efficient over time
  • use legislation and case law to undertake qualitative sampling analysis, and
  • conduct international and national comparative analysis to compare Australian Government functions with similar entities and/or programs.

At the end of 2019, I also became involved in learning and development (L&D) in PASG. This began as organising one session a month, with different teams sharing insights on a recently tabled audit report. In 2020, I expanded this L&D program to include team members sharing insights into some of the day-to-day tasks we undertake in PASG. In 2021, I was made responsible for re-designing PASG’s L&D program. This was an amazing opportunity which utilised my background as a high school science and mathematics teacher, as well as my two years’ experience as a recruitment consultant, to identify skills across the organisation and how we can learn from each other.