The employee census collects information on important workforce issues, such as job satisfaction, employee engagement, performance management, leadership, and general impressions of the APS. 

The APSC has legislative responsibility to report to Parliament each year on the 'state of the APS'. Findings from the APS employee census provide vital input to the State of the Service report by capturing insight into employee views about the APS, their agency and their workplace. Currently, the APSC releases APS-wide results through the State of the Service report as well as publishing de-identified employee census data on

You can find further information about the APS Employee Census on the APSC website.

In April, the Secretaries Board agreed in principle to facilitate voluntary public release of agency-level APS employee census results. The Secretaries viewed the public release as a way to:

  • increase transparency and accountability of people management in the APS;
  • improve employee perceptions of being heard; and
  • contribute to a stronger culture of acting on results.

ANAO Highlights Report 2019

The results of ANAO’s Highlights Report 2019 can be found here.

Over the past year the agency has gone through a number of major changes and significant events that have directly impacted ANAO staff and may be demonstrated in our results.

In April 2019 ANAO staff voted in favour of a Section 24(1) Determination designed to overlay the ANAO’s current Enterprise Agreement and provide for a 2% pay rise in 2019, 2020 and 2021 for eligible staff.

For the past 18 months our Accommodation Project has been a major priority focussing on the future building and operational arrangements required to support a streamlined, enhanced and collaborative approach to audit which will see us move to an activity based work environment at new accommodation at 38 Sydney Avenue in December 2019.

We have also been working on an IT transformation project which is aimed at supporting the implementation of the future technology and systems required to support the delivery, mobility and accessibility of audit work. This has seen a number of changes and innovations implemented which has changed the nature in which we work through the application of more flexible IT solutions.

The ANAO is taking the following steps in response to our results:

  • ANAO’s People Team has commenced monthly HR drop-in sessions that cover topics such as performance management, early intervention, mental health and wellbeing and ANAO’s Learning Management System;
  • reviewed the ANAO’s approach to wellbeing which has included publishing a Mental Health Toolkit on ANAO’s intranet and running Mental Health for Manager’s workshops;
  • strengthening our approach to performance management through ongoing communications, mentoring, talent management and a closer support relationship with the People Team;
  • refreshing our approach to diversity and our Diversity Contact Officers (DCOs); and
  • Group Executive Directors (GEDs) have discussed the results with each of the service groups and are working on group action plans

We know that ANAO staff believe strongly in the purpose and objectives of the agency, and that our managers treat each other with respect, care about our wellbeing, hold each other to account and support the use of flexible working arrangements.

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