This audit would assess the effectiveness of the Department of Veterans’ Affairs’ (DVA’s) progress towards eliminating its backlog of compensation claims under the Veterans’ Entitlements Act 1986, the Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation (Defence-related Claims) Act 1988 and the Military Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 2004.

DVA is responsible for processing veteran compensation claims for liability, permanent impairment and incapacity. As at 31 May 2022 DVA had a backlog of 41,799 compensation claims. The Royal Commission into Defence and Veteran Suicide’s August 2022 Interim Report included a recommendation that DVA eliminate the claims backlog. The Australian Government agreed to the recommendation. With the commitment of additional resources, DVA plans to remove the backlog of claims by 31 December 2023 without adversely affecting the quality of decisions or veterans’ experience.

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